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- By Rahul Chugh (Pune)
Art Spa products are unique, creative, artistic...well simply wonderful. My biggest purchase in recent times have been 3 gorgeous paintings in acrylic and 1 Mural in oil. The canvases are the highlights of my recently furnished home and a talking point for every person who has come to see my home.

I have been using their other products like candle stands, urli, serving trays and lamps for the last few years for gifting as well as personal use. They make amazing one of a kind gifts for any occasion!!

The team has always been very supportive and cooperative. They cater to all your customisation requirements and transform your thought into a beautiful work of art.

I am a very happy customer ?

Would recommend Art Spa products to every person who is looking for that special something for their home or gifts.

- By Mitesh Bharwada (Mumbai)
I must admit, when Sudha first showed me sketches of what she had in mind for my son's room, I was a bit worried. Cut to today, the stuff she created for him - Thor hammer book shelf, Captain America Clock and the Iron Man lamp are his prized possessions. Not to say, envy of many of his friends! And the lovely mural holds a special place in my living room.

What I like best about The Art Spa’s creations is that, that's what they really are... creations. True expressions of an artist's imagination captured in wonderful art forms. Finally, I have to admit - I've become a fan. Thanks a ton. Keep up the good work.

- By Murli Rajan (Mumbai)
I met with THE ART SPA in an exhibition at Nehru Center. The first words I said in greeting to Sudha Ahuja was “Wish I could buy up your whole display”. That day I bought about 8 items on display. Sudha replaced those 8 items with new pieces of art in the exhibition, of which she sent me pictures on app messenger & I bought those too. I was furnishing my home at that time & each time I felt a particular nook of my home needed something unique I discussed my requirement with Sudha & The Art Spa came up with concepts and art pieces with a truly “WOW” factor.

My home now has ARTSPA all over it & which includes even in my washrooms!

The Art Spa comes up with unique pieces of ART & the functionality which comes along with their pieces of ART is value for money.

Definitely a case of Neighbor’s & Guests Envy & Owner’s Pride.

- By Jolly Patel (Mumbai)
I first stumbled upon 'The Art Spa' a couple of years ago at an exhibition in Nehru Centre and there is no missing a single one. Their unique and out of the box products had caught my eye and I had a hole in my pocket for obvious reasons. And that's cause I could not resist and ended up buying a couple of them. Since then I have made it a point to visit every exhibition of theirs and each time I have found such inconceivable artifacts. What I really like is that they customize to our requirements too. So many of their exclusive pieces adorn my home and make it warm and beautiful.
- By Hetal Bhatt (Ahmedabad)
The Art Spa products are unique, when I purchased a few products like lamps & photoframe from their exhibition at Weekend Window, I found them unique, I had not seen such design or concepts. The products had different functions like a lamp also was a bookend. All their products are handmade and best is, they have only single pieces of each design. Then I got a side table made, it was customized specially for me & everyone who sees it at home finds it amazing, never seen before. I find their products amazing. Great work Art Spa, want to see lots more.
- By Supriya Chugh (Pune)
The Art Spa products are fun and creative and have provided a unique edge to my home. Be it a girly mirror in my room, book backs and lamp shades in my bedroom or photo frames and tea-light holders for gifting, they provide an array of products to suit ones requirements. These hand-crafted pieces make no compromises on quality. I love the different concepts they come up with. If you are looking for that "never seen before, one of a kind" product, Art Spa is the answer. Many congratulations to the team at The Art Spa. Keep up the good work!!
- By Danny Hemnani (LA, USA)
Living in US, we miss home and try to be close to our roots in any way we can. One such way is by decorating our homes with products that remind us of our roots. The Art Spa, lets us do just that. We have purchased many unique, creative and exquisite handmade products from them for our house and to gift our family and friends out here. Since these are handmade products, they seem to have a soul and gravitate us to them. By mixing old with new, giving a beautiful rural touch to it, a balance of functionality and artistry the Art Spa’s team has done a great job in creating these products.

All the best to The Art Spa, looking forward for many more such products from you.

- By Bhavna Gidwani (Mumbai)
The Art Spa has truly bought a change to my home. It is just a class apart, one surely cannot find this kind of artifacts very easily. I have invested and chosen quite a few products & furniture from The Art Spa, they have been not only for gifting purpose but also for my home.

All the Art Spa products that I have gifted to my friends and family carry every bit of praise as it is one of its kind. Be it a classy Wine Bottle holder well crafted to suit the ambience of my home, a beautiful photoframe with lamp in my living room. Cute wall hanging Photoframes, the Shunk & bench tea light holder I gifted, trays and clocks and many more… And the best part is every product has a dual purpose or utility.

A huge applaud for the artist and creator of such unique ideas.