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As a team of artist, we love doing new things. So sky is the limit where customisation is concerned!

You can send us a picture with instructions on what you want made, ask for modifications in something you see on the website or send us a bright new idea of something you'd like us to try out. We love working with new ideas, concepts and my team and I could help you build up your idea into something new and wonderful and completely unique. This applies to our products, paintings, murals and even furniture.

If you want something specific that expresses your brand identity (or even your personality!), we can work with you to conceptualise and create something that would be completely unique and completely you. We love doing functional art and weave that theme in nearly all our creations. So your article won't just be a work of art, it can also serve a purpose.

You can check our past customised projects done for various clients. CLICK HERE

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