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The Art Spa offers a complete creative solution to our clients, from initial conceptual design to production. Our goal is to create affordable products that are original, one of a kind and loved by all. We design and manufacture handmade Home Decor & Accessories. Every piece is handcrafted separately, no casts or molds used. We enjoy experimenting with different materials to provide a unique product. Every product is function so it not only beautifies the place but also is multifunctional. Most of our pieces are conversational piece of art.

Guitar wall magazine holder
Product Code: AS/0274/17
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Crane Wall Photoframe
Product Code: AS/0272/17
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Men at Work Wall Photoframe
Product Code: AS/0167/16
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Ruler Pencil Table Clock
Product Code: AS/0192/16
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Antique Photoframe
Product Code: AS-S/10-14-18
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