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Wall Art – Wall Tattoo – Wall Decals
Design your walls now, more creative with us

New age wall art that transforms your house to your personalized space. We specialize in Decorative Wall Art with themes from Nature to City life, Animals to Glow in the Dark and Children to Abstract Wall Art. Our wall art designs give your home a complete makeover without burning a hole in your pocket and without the toxic smell of paint. Our wall decals are a form of Contemporary Art that can stay on your walls for 3 to 5 years and can be removed in a day to change the patterns or even add to it.

Wall decals are a form of wall art painting, which can be done on any smooth surface and dries within moments of it being applied. With our personalized themes and designs you can choose from over 100,000 designs and a range of colors for each and every room in your house and define your personal space. From exquisite decoration to abstract designs, funky Japanese motifs to the Indian deities, beautiful nurseries to skyscrapers these wall tattoos are a fun element in your house that will brighten up your life!

We customize designs that can renovate your home, an office area, a restaurant or even a studio as per your style or brand. You can crystalize any design, logo or photograph with our crystalized Swarovski elements. It is personalized, self adhesive and can be applied on any smooth surface. It gives you an opportunity to use your imagination for personalized designs and see them turn your empty walls into a conversation starter or glamorized home.

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